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What Is Geriatrics?

Geriatrics is the specialty of medicine that focuses on the unique healthcare needs of older individuals who are typically over the age of 65. As people age, their bodies naturally go through numerous changes. Any medical conditions that are present can worsen while new ones may develop over time. Additionally, the cognitive function and physical abilities of older adults may decline, which can lead to more challenges with their care. At Immaculate Heart of Mary Family Health Center, Dr. Charles Armstrong and Dr. Margaret Hart offer geriatric medicine to help support you and your family. For more information, call our Chandler, AZ practice to set up an appointment.

What Can I Expect from Geriatric Care?

When you come to our Chandler, AZ office for your initial consultation, Dr. Hart or Dr. Armstrong may perform a geriatric assessment, which is used to evaluate your cognitive function, mental and physical health, fall risk factors, and functional abilities. This will enable us to determine the kind of treatment and overall care you will require in order to maintain your quality of life. There are several medical conditions and concerns that can be brought on by the natural aging process, including dementia, osteoporosis, Alzheimer's disease, heart disease, and urinary incontinence. Other chronic illnesses, like arthritis, diabetes, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), may also require advanced care to manage.

Everyone was kind, compassionate, and professional. I did not have to wait for assistance, and everyone acknowleged me. Dr. Hart, Jessica, and Darda are amazing people, and I thank the Lord for them!

M.V. Google

I had three visits already with the first on 6-30-2023 with Dr. Hart. She and her staff were very pleasant and well organized. Dr. Hart was very knowledgeable and willing to answer all my questions, concerns, and medications, despite my having a very rare, orphan disease. Dr. Hart was willing to make the effort to solidly communicate with me, as a patient. So, I felt a great relief in finding my new replacement PCP physician, that was as professional, as my specialists. She was also able to refer me to another specialist, in order to deal with one of my other concerns. So Dr. Hart and her friendly staff get a big FIVE THUMBS UP from me.

J.A. Facebook

I don’t know what this yelp thing is all about,  but I do know now about Dr. Hart of IHM Family Health Center.  She definitely gets FIVE THUMBS UP from me for her medical knowledge, care, and the willingness to communicate with a patient and answer my questions, concerns, and medications.  I have a very rare orphan disease, that involves having many Medical Specialists.I have had three appointments with Dr. Hart so far, since my first June 30, 2023 appointment with her.  I am so please to have Dr. Hart as my replacement PCP doctor.  She knows how to communicate with her patients, answer my questions, and carry on an exchange about the over 5000 MGs of meds, that I am required to take daily to stay in REMISSION.   So if you need a good doctor, WHO LISTENS, go try her out.

J.A. Yelp

Dr Armstrong is an outstanding physician—knowledge and care for his patients. His staff are great to work with. The reflect the joy of the Lord. Glad the are my primary care.

F.C. Google

Very personal and informative. Not time pressed. Details for directions to be followed.

J.D. Google


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High-Quality Care for Older Adults

Immaculate Heart of Mary Family Health Center strives to provide comprehensive primary care to people at every stage of life. We understand the complex health issues that arise in elderly adults. If you are over the age of 65 or are assisting with the care of an older person in your family, Dr. Hart and Dr. Armstrong specialize in geriatric medicine and invite you to contact them today.



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What age is usually considered geriatric?

While the term 'geriatric' is something that cannot be defined by something as simple as age, typically, patients of ages 65 and over are considered geriatric. However, being in this age range alone does not necessarily mean a patient needs geriatric care.

What are some examples of geriatric conditions and illnesses?

There are various conditions and illnesses that could affect geriatric patients to different degrees. Some of the most common of these are arthritis, cancer, kidney disease, dementia, Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinson's Disease, diabetes, and stroke.

What are the basic needs of geriatric patients?

Geriatric patients will usually require more frequent medical care than was necessary previously in their life. This could include everything from physical exams, eye checkups, physical therapy, nursing care, and more. Regularly scheduled appointments will help to ensure all of their basic needs are being met and any new issues are identified early.

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