Information About Primary Care Services

About Our Services

From newborn babies to adults of all ages, Immaculate Heart of Mary Family Health Center in Chandler, AZ offers general medicine and primary care services for every stage of life. Under the leadership of Dr. Charles Armstrong and Dr. Margaret Hart, we provide annual health exams, sports physicals, newborn exams, chronic disease management, acute care, and more. Take a moment to check out our complete menu below to see how we can help support your and your family's wellness.

Primary Care for Adults

Annual Health Exams

Annual health exams enable us to review the current state of your health and treat any new illnesses or medical conditions before they get worse.

Preventive Health Screening

Preventive health screenings give you the ability to be proactive because they look for the presence or risk of disease before symptoms even appear.

Adult Vaccines

We offer a number of vaccines for adults because childhood immunizations can wear off over time and leave you susceptible to viruses, like the flu.

Acute Care

In the event that you have a minor injury or illness that requires prompt medical attention, same-day acute care is available in Chandler, AZ.

Chronic Disease Management

For those dealing with a chronic disease, like diabetes, thyroid disorder, or asthma, we offer solutions to help manage and treat your condition.


We offer geriatric care for older adults who have unique needs and concerns that come with natural aging, like mobility issues and advanced illness.

Primary Care for Kids

Well-Child Exams

Well-child exams at our Chandler, AZ office are provided to assess the development and health of your child in order to diagnose or prevent issues.

Newborn Exams

For an infant that is only a few days old, we strongly recommend having a newborn exam performed, which checks for birth defects and signs of illness.

Pediatric Vaccines

As a crucial preventive measure, pediatric vaccines are used to protect children from developing numerous diseases, such as measles, polio, and more.

Sports Physicals

Sports physicals are evaluations used to reduce the risk of injury by determining if your child or teen is healthy enough to participate in sports.
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